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  • Mobilize babies’ enthusiasm for activity:Babies’ physical and mental development is achieved through activities. Toys can be freely manipulated and used by babies, which is in line with their psychological preferences and ability levels, can meet their activity needs, and improve their activity enthusiasm.
  • Enhance sensory awareness:While developing sensory and motor skills, toys not only enrich babies’ sensory knowledge but also help consolidate the impressions they gain from daily life. When babies cannot widely experience real life, they learn about the world through toys.
  • Trigger associative thinking in infants:Toys can evoke associations with home for infants and encourage them to engage in creative role-playing. Some toys are specifically designed for cognitive training, such as various board games and puzzles, which can enhance infants’ abilities to analyze, synthesize, compare, judge, and reason, fostering the depth, flexibility, and agility of their thinking.pen_spark.
  • Be actively involved in mental and creative activities:When playing with educational toys, babies need to think, plan, and choose materials to achieve their goals. During the hands-on assembly process, they need to use both their hands and brains. They will also encounter difficulties while playing with toys. These difficulties require them to rely on their own strength to overcome them and persevere in completing the task, which cultivates their fine qualities of overcoming difficulties and striving for progress.pen_spark.
  • Encourage collective thinking and cooperation:Some toys require babies to use them together. For example, card games require children to cooperate with each other, practice cooperation with their peers, and coordinate their actions to enhance their sense of collective responsibility.

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