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Top 6 Dangerous Toys to Avoid

  1. Toy turnip knife:The casual and lighthearted portrayal of stabbing in these toys could send the message that aggression is acceptable or even fun, potentially influencing children’s perceptions of appropriate behavior.

2.glow stick:Glow sticks contain dibutyl phthalate. If bitten open or repeatedly folded, the liquid inside can leak out. Contact with skin or accidental ingestion can cause nausea, dizziness, numbness, or even fainting.

3.Pat circle:The outer layer of the snap bracelet is made of plastic. If you’re not careful, the surface can tear off, exposing the sharp metal tape inside. It’s so sharp that it could even be used as a knife and cause cuts.

4.Laser pointer:The emitted laser can ignite matches and paper. Shining a laser pointer directly into someone’s eyes can cause redness, tearing, and temporary vision impairment. In severe cases, it can even lead to permanent blindness.

5.Magnetic ball:If small magnetic balls are swallowed, they can be difficult to detect and may adhere to each other in the intestines, leading to blockages or perforations.

6.Helium balloon:This toy primarily contains hydrogen gas, which can easily explode if exposed to open flames. If you intend to play with it, do so outdoors in an open area away from heat sources and open flames.

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