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What to Do When Kids Don’t Tidy Up?

3 Tips to Help Kids Learn to Clean Up on Their Own

1.Set a Good Example for Children and Teach Them the Importance of Tidying Up

Lead by example and instill in children the value of tidying up. Help them realize that housework is a shared responsibility and that tidying up their toys is their own. A tidy home fosters a sense of well-being. Understanding the importance of tidying up encourages children to take ownership of their belongings and put their toys away independently.

2.Gamify the Tidying Process to Engage Kids

Children naturally love to play, so turning tidying up into a game can make them eager to participate. Break down the tidying-up process into smaller, manageable tasks to make it less daunting for kids. For instance, play a game of who can find the most blocks of the same color first, or challenge each other to see who can put their blocks away the fastest.

3.Encourage Children’s Tidying Up Habits

When parents notice their children starting to tidy up their toys, they should provide positive guidance to help children understand that their behavior is correct. Parents should also encourage children to continue these positive behaviors, actively overcome laziness, and correctly recognize their own behavior. Parents can also give children appropriate rewards to further reinforce positive guidance through a reward system. This will make children enjoy tidying up their toys, helping them to view it as a part of life and thus enhance their sense of self-responsibility.

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